What The Fresh: Lucia Iman

18 01 2010

Singer, writer, musician…what is there that this girl doesn’t do? I swear man if it weren’t for WTF we don’t know where we would be lol. What the piece and check out www.whatthefresh.com for more exclusives!


What The Fresh: Belikos

15 01 2010

New year, new groups so there must be some new content. WTF drops another segement with rising band Belikos. With a fresh sound and dedicated followers Belikos looks to be up next!

What The Fresh: Cannonball Press

8 01 2010

WTF has been puttin people up on whats new and hot, Cannonball Press is no diff. Check the link and find out more about these BK NYC based artist.



4 01 2010

Fresh for the New Year WTF brings us another installment on one of NYC brightest new designers. Watch, look, and listen!


What The Fresh: Monica Rush

23 12 2009

The good ladies of What the Fresh have been pretty consistent with their content. Watch the videos and make sure to check out the site they have something cooking on the stove so get a plate.