Ultimate Summer Movies Trailer

7 05 2010

Gotta love the internet! Someone chopped up a 2 min reel of 2010 summer blockbuster movies. I’s gonna be all about AC, popcorn, and milk duds in July!!


Sony NXCam

30 11 2009

Full 1920 x 1080 HD recording is available on the NXCAM with a variety of bitrate settings (24Mbps maximum). The camcorder can record using either 60i, 24p, or 30p frame rates for 1920 x 1080 recording and it also offers a 720/60p option. In addition to high definition recording with AVCHD, the Sony NXCAM can also record standard definition MPEG-2 video (at 9Mbps).

October Blues

3 11 2009

Timbaland x Rock Star Games = Beaterator

5 10 2009

Timbaland and Rock Star Games teamed up to create ‘Beaterator’. Based off the web-based application, the PSP version will feature original music, rhythm games, and challenge modes. In stores now.