Canon EOS 7D: On-Camera Tutorial Videos “Customizing Operations”

11 12 2009

For the fourth installment Canon presents consumers yet again with more information about using the camera of the year.


EOS 7D: On-Camera Tutorial Videos “Image Quality Options”

9 12 2009

In this next online video Canon breaks it down on how to get the best quality for your pictures with minimal amounts of work. All you EOS 7D heads get up on this info. and spread the word!

EOS 7D: On-Camera Tutorial Videos “Memorizing AF Points”

8 12 2009

With the Canon EOS 7D being the hottest new camera on the streets Canon did its consumers justice by posting a long series of on-camera tutorial videos ranging from image quality options to movie mode settings. Step ya game up and learn something pimpin!!

EOS 7D: On-Camera Tutorial Videos “Automatic AF Point”

7 12 2009

Canon On-Camera Tutorial Videos explore a specific feature or technology of the EOS 7D. These instructional videos are designed to be viewed at your convenience: Watch them online, on the go, or even on your camera’s rear LCD screen — so you can follow along, every step of the way!