How to Export Your Scene From Cinema 4D to After Effects

19 05 2010


Two Inches to the Right

17 05 2010

Words / Mat Lloyd
Animation / Matt Frodsham

Disney’s African Cats (documentary trailer)

14 05 2010

African Cats, a true story about two rival families – Cheetahs and Lions. From Disney Nature in HD. Two cat families in East Africa each survive on their power and their cunning, while they protect and teach their cubs the ways of the wild. To be released Earth Day 2011.

The Light

11 05 2010

True Blood: Behind The Scenes

10 05 2010

When dealing with blood & guts, there has to be a method behind the madness, and science before the fiction. Take a behind the scenes look at how the visual effects in True Blood were pieced together.

Hard Rock Classic

7 05 2010

One of our favorite music vids of all time. Queens of The Stone Age -“Go With The Flow’. Crowning. Cinematic. Achievement.

Mechanical Figures 3 New Yorker Times

4 05 2010

Collection of short video stories inspired by Nikola Tesla
featuring Terry Gilliam, Marina Abramovic, Matt Dilling ,from the the top of New Yorker Hotel