Zacuto’s DSLR Z-Cage ~ Pimped Out

1 06 2010

ARRI Alexa

26 05 2010

ARRI has released a camera that can now rival the digital performance of the RED One. Click here for a detailed look at the tech specs.

Red Giant Software Plastic Bullet

26 05 2010

For those who have used Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Look Suite to enhance their timelines, movie files & sequences, you know just how far you can take your moving image. Well now for $2 bucks in the Apple App store, you can now use Plastic Bullet to enhance your iPhone photos. Click on the pic for the link!

RED Epic & Scarlet Camera Systems

21 05 2010

At this year’s NAB Conference in Las Vegas RED Digital Cinema showcased the Epic & Scarlet camera systems to be released in 2011. Strapped with a full 5k sensor, it’s safe to say we can clearly see the future with this compact device.

Mobile Phone Guitar Lets You Rock Out

18 05 2010

Music apps are a really cool type of mobile application, they let you you unleash your musical creativity wherever you are and are perfect to jot down a quick idea or to jam along.
For years one of my favorite pastimes on the train was to do some retro musictracking with the brilliant Milkytracker, but this time I needed something more. It turned out to be somewhat geeky, even for my standards 🙂

DSLR Workflow in Premiere Pro CS5 (Keying, Time Remapping & Stills

17 05 2010

Canon EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro

14 05 2010

For those of you who have invested in DSLR technology for your video arsenal, the gods of the moving image have sent you another gift. Canon and Apple’s Final Cut Pro non-linear editing software, have teamed up to give you a plugin allowing for transcoding & log/transfer function, right in the application. The days of 3rd party transcoding and duplicating RAW files are numbered. Stop stressing your G-Raid out and download this plug-in .